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"Fulton's mission is to improve productivity, increase yield, and create more profitable operations for our customers."

Fulton Iron and Manufacturing has offered a quality product since 1852 and began establishing a name for itself by servicing and manufacturing steam engines along the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1892, with the design and production of it's first sugar mill, Fulton entered a new and famous era in it's history. The nine-roll "CORA" mill started a mechanical revolution in the sugar cane industry. The first mill produced is still in operation after over 100 years of service.


Now that South Side Machine and Fulton Iron have merged, you have every capability you need in one company. From South Side's complete gear manufacturing and large part machining to Fulton's high quality stress relieving and efficient plate burning, we can handle all of your needs. With over 100 machinists between us, we can handle them quickly. Now your contract jobs - from the largest to the smallest - can go to a single source with the capacity to handle them all and since we exchange projects between our facilities, based on work load and schedules, you will always get the best possible pricing and delivery. We can handle your project from start to finish making it more cost efficient to you, our valued customers, even when the project includes welding, fabricating, machining, assembly, testing, and inspection.

"The name 'Fulton' has been a familiar sight at sugar mills around the world for over 145 years. The sugar industry relies on Fulton as it's source for both machinery and technical knowledge relative to processing and refining sugar. Our years of experience designing and building equipment in virtually all parts of the world has uniquely prepared Fulton to meet the challenges of the sugar industry."

"In addition to designing and building milling equipment, Fulton shares it's process expertise through consulting, installation, and engineering services. Our skilled staff is available to review and evaluate the manufacturing processes of current factories, design and engineer new facilities or modernize existing facilities."

"Through our extensive experience in the removal of liquid from fiber material, we have found applications for our technology in other industries as well. The potential and efficiency of our dewatering equipment is recognized by the juice and oil extraction, paper and pulp, and waste treatment industries as well."

"if your business includes processes that remove liquid from fiber material, Fulton Iron Works International can provide the equipment and knowledge to make your operation more efficient."

"Fulton's unique fabrication, machining, and assembly capacities are known throughout the United States. This has led over the years to Fulton entering the contract machining and fabrication market, building large, complex machinery, and components for a variety of manufacturers.

In this web site, you will find information about cane sugar equipment, juice extraction, dewatering, steel fabrication, contract manufacturing, gear services, and many other applications of Fulton equipment and services of our parent company South Side Machine   St. Louis, Missouri.

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