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Sugar Mill Spare Parts

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Sugar Mill Final Drive Spare Parts

Final Drive Bearing Bases

Final Drive Bearing Caps

Fabricated Final Drive Bull Gear in gear shaper

Final Drive Pinion in keyseater

Turnkey Sugar Factory, Tandems, and Modernization

The scope of Fulton's expertise extends further than simply building the most productive milling equipment. Fulton has the technical experience  to design, engineer, and build a complete factory.

Before ground is even broken, numerous hours of planning and design go into the development of a customized facility. Engineers with years of sugar experience meet with prospective builders to determine their exact needs at the intended site. Computer aided design systems are used so that each piece of equipment reflects the latest technology and is incorporated into an efficient and high performance system. A complete factory is designed for the best use of the land and to the exact specifications of the client. Fulton chooses only the highest quality equipment for other key component parts, such as drives, gear reducers, and hydraulics.

As a leading manufacturer of custom designed mills, Fulton is always on the cutting edge of sugar mill technology. With more installations than any of it's competitors, Fulton has a wide knowledge base from which to collect information and new ideas for the ever-changing industry.

Fulton has specialized gear cutting machines that make it possible to provide gears with maximum reliability. In addition, Fulton can custom make gears to match any existing installation.

Sugar Mill Conversion Capabilities

Fulton 4-roll mills are designed to increase both extraction and capacity. Older 3-roll mills can be converted by Fulton, at attractive pricing, to provide cost savings and increased operational efficiencies. Installation of a fourth roll and proper grooving enable a large portion of juice to be extracted at the fourth roll position. Maximizing drainage at this position is essential to achieving extraction rates as high as 97+ percent.

Fulton also manufactures feed tables, cane conveyors, cane knives, intermediate and feeder carriers, as well as juice handling systems to incorporate into a milling tandem. The heavy steel plate construction of the carriers permit their removal as one unit, allowing for easy access top the rolling mills.

Sugar Mill Conversion Capabilities

Vertical Housings can be converted to a 4-roll configuration by modifying the existing housing. The conversion process includes modifying the housings and providing a new fourth roll, side boxes, bronzes, end cap, fourth roll drive components, and fourth roll turn plate assembly. In some cases, it is economical to remove the existing housings and ship them to Fulton's facility for retrofitting. Very often it is cost effective to completely remove the existing housings and replace them with new housings, reusing the existing rolls and other components.

Inclined Housings can be converted to a 4-roll configuration by replacing the existing 3-roll housings with a new Fulton 4-roll housing. Savings can be achieved by using some of the existing equipment in the 4-roll conversion. Fulton can provide complete engineering and parts for mill housing replacement including; new fourth roll, side boxes, bronzes, side caps, chain or crown wheel drive components, and fourth roll turnplate assembly.

Sugar Factory Milling Configuration Fulton engineers are experts at designing and configuring sugar factories as well as providing the necessary equipment.
Speed reducers and gears are provided with an ample service factor at the normal or rated speeds and are especially designed for sugar mill drive service. The casing and gear frames are rigidly constructed to secure proper alignment of the precision gears and pinions. Gear casings are built oil tight to provide dip type lubrication for the gears.
Fulton also offers hydraulic motor drives in it's mills, which can provide benefits of economy, efficiency, and flexibility. Hydraulic drives generate power from efficient, multi-stage, turbo alternators and use less steam than other drives. Another advantage of hydraulic drives is that they do not use reduction gears, thereby minimizing civil engineering costs such as foundations. In addition, speed and direction of drive can be changed at will if the capacity of the mill changes.
Fulton also offers Consultation Services relative the the modernization, expansion, and improvement of sugar factories, ranging from analyzing a specific problem to preparation of complete feasibility studies.