See pictures of lead pot fabrication from scratch.

Fulton has the capability to fabricate a wide range of part sizes to proper dimensional integrity. We fabricate the mill housings and castings, stress relieve them and route them to a horizontal boring mill to machine the base, saddle, side plates and bearing surfaces to very close tolerances for our sugar mills.
All Fulton welders are certified AWSD1.1 and have many years of experience in fabricating large weldments.
Our welding equipment is state-of-the-art which insures top quality welds.
Caster Segment being fabricated.

Caster segment ready for welding, stress relieving, and machining.



Fulton is capable of machining a wide variety and range of parts to very close dimensional tolerances. we excel at the manufacturing and machining of a full range of large and small component parts. Our journeyman machinists have many years of experience in machining very complex parts. Some examples of our parts machining capabilities are large shafts for industrial rolls, large pistons and piston rods for the hydraulic pump industry, fans, fan shafts, large Custom Fan Workgear sets and related parts for sugar, steel, and general industry. Fulton's maintenance engineers can repair and perform routine preventive maintenance on virtually any piece of production machinery ever built regardless of make or origin. Fulton maintains a 24 hour telephone line to accept emergency calls for your repairs and machining.
Work stoppages caused by machine failure can usually be prevented by performing regular preventive maintenance on your equipment during scheduled shutdowns. Call Fulton for emergency or regular scheduled maintenance repairs and machining.

Fulton can take your rough castings and machine them to factory specifications. After machining our assembly experts can finish Machining from rough castingsthe job and send you a turnkey piece of machinery.





Large 36" pump being align-bored at Fulton Works




Fulton's journeymen assemblers are experts at assembling component parts to exacting customer standards, as well as disassembling, repairing and re-assembling large presses and other types of equipment with numerous component parts.
After assembly they completely test the machines and all of the component parts. These assemblers also oversee erection and installation of Fulton parts at the job site which insures smooth start-up and minimal problems.


Our 1000 ton hydraulic press at Fulton Works


Completely rebuilding and upgrading old or worn out equipment and machines so they equal or exceed the performance specifications of new ones can save manufactures thousands of dollars when compared to the cost of replacement.
Fulton has rebuilt all kinds of production machinery for manufactures around the world. We are the worlds leading source for the vital service to the sugar and production industry.
Before you spend money replacing old worn out machinery or equipment, contact Fulton and let us show you how little it would cost to make your old machinery safe and highly productive. Machine rebuilding can be a wise decision.



Complete gear box rebuilding. All work is done in house to guarantee your job will finished on time and right the first time.

All types of gear reducers rebuilt:

Worm gear
Single reduction
High speed